Monday, July 10, 2017


Hello everyone.

We had transfers and it was crazy. Our zone leader got called to be assistant
Thursday.  His name is Elder Peck. His companion Elder Buckoff can't
drive here because he has no license, so we drove him around and tried to make
all our appointments.  It was crazy fun.

So I am staying in Keighley and my new companion is
Elder Davies from England! Seems like a good guy. I am really excited.
Some good goal setting and some really good investigators too.

Found an old guy who lost a leg in a motorcycle accident. He is still in
pain. He describes it as an elephant stomping on his foot (that isn't there)
while someone is stabbing his knee with a knife. So when we met him ( 3
months ago) he said I don't believe in God. Then over the past 3 months he
has began to accept that there is a god and that God has a Plan for him. He
said I think I need to take a step into the fog. He was referring to
step of faith. He said this on Saturday. His step of faith was church.
He attended sacrament and really liked it!

Also on Saturday we found a guy named Leon! He left the church a few years
ago but things have happened in his life that have lead him back to
church. Although he is going through some serious trials, he has looked
for God to help him! He loved church and stayed all 3 hours. Loooved

Now the important thing is, I love this church. Reading up on the
mission presidents seminar I have noticed how important it is to
recognize that the work is hastening. It is not a next year thing, it
is now. Everyone needs to hear the restored gospel now. People are
more prepared than ever before. I have been called to serve. Assigned
to England Leeds Keighley area with President Turvey guiding us. The
Holy Ghost is my most important companion.  Reading the simple
but powerful faith that Joseph Smith had is what started this last
dispensation. Jesus Christ is our Saviour and Redeemer and he loves us.

Hope everyone enjoys the Stampede and summer. Catch ya mates next week!

Michael our member friend
Elder  Pilling 
Sent from the land of lads

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