Tuesday, October 25, 2016

First Week in the MTC

Wassusp Fam Jam,

The MTC is sooooo goood. But to start, my flights were nice. I actually flew from Calgary with 3 Elders from Cardston. So all 4 of us travelled together. The time difference sucked and jet lag killed everyone hahah. First day was pretty relaxed but after that it's been gogogogo from 8 am till 9:30 pm lol. Well, my dream about me speaking french did come true. My companion is from french Polynesia. He learned english in school but it's not great.  I have to explain almost every question in class but we get along great. He is the most positive missionary here for sure.  I am district leader hahhahaha.  We have 6 elders and 2 sisters. Some from Utah, one from Idaho, a couple from England, and my companion Elder Turina from Tahiti.  He traveled 2 days to get here!!  My teachers are good. Sister Botts from Johannesburg, South Africa.  I told her my Afrikaans lol.  She's as high "I" as they get. Then Sister quilter is from Magrath hahaha.  She served her mission here and didn't want to leave lol. I have made some friends in the zone. Elder Quinton from Cardston and Elder Jensen from Blackfoot Idaho are my favs. Good old farm boys. 

I absolutely love it here.  Some of the best times so far. President is classic english guy. He was Manchester mission president right before being MTC president. The people here love their jobs so they are nice. Only Elder Turina and I are going to Leeds, and a couple of sisters. Most of the elders learning german are 18 and about 3/4 in my zone are 18..... What I have noticed is that they are definitely not as mature. Some are, who have had serious responsibilities, but the ones that have no real life experience struggle to stay focused. They goof around so much and they struggle with being obedient. The first few days Elder Turina struggled with his english. He knows every single scripture mastery and has the strongest testimony. He's always happy so it made me sad when he would struggle. He would say I know the answer in french but too hard in english. So I started to pray for him. Just yesterday Heavenly Father answered my prayer. Elder T. told me he is good enough that he can understand our jokes and most if the lessons!!  I have been role playing as a non-member which has shown me how we need to be better at sharing the gospel. We have a few progressing investigators that we teach who have real conversion stories. Awesome team with Elder Turina. I share doctrine and questions and he shares scriptures and personal experience. I am in love with missionary work. This last week crawled by, so I hope the next goes a little faster :)

Elder Pilling and Elder Turina

View from MTC

This next section was an email Elder Pilling sent as soon as he arrived at the MTC last week:

It's sunny at the MTC and super pretty and green.  When we got off the plane, it was 12 celsius and you could see your breath hahah.  From Calgary, I flew with 3 elders from Cardston; 2 going to Scotland, and 1 to Manchester. I sat next to the nicest old couple on the flight from Chicago to Newark. Both 78.... they said Ireland is full of terrorism so they said that they have lived a good life and are ready to risk it and travel to Ireland haha.  They said it would be ok if they died. 

P day is on Tuesdays.  Everyone at the MTC is so happy haha I love it. We have a pretty chill day today. 

Gotta go but ttyl

P.S.  I forgot lotsa stuff but don't need it till the mission field.