Monday, June 26, 2017

Time Flies

Well well well. There's one thing I sorta knew before my mission but didn't really take much notice to that I wish I had realised. 

Being a missionary is hard! By far the hardest thing you will ever do. I don't think it gets easier either. You reach some of your lowest lows out here AND some of your highest highs. All you future missionaries, do not go into the mission thinking it'll be 2 years without exams and without stress. It is hard, really hard so prepare yourself now. 

This week has actually been really enjoyable. I loved it. Met a really cool member from Saint Helena...  10 points if you know where that is haha. It's in between Africa and Brazil in the south Atlantic Ocean. He is really cool guy and worked on the American base in ascension so he loves American food and knows where to buy It as well! 

I had a really cool experience yesterday. We were visiting with a member who has always helped the missionaries she is like the missionary mom. She just makes sure we are alright :) Anyways, we got to reading her testimony book which starts in the 1970's which is when she was baptized. Reading a few here and there looking where they are all from then we saw.... Elder Spackman from Midnapore hahahaha! It was dated May 1987. That was a special treat. We followed up the lesson with our own testimony meeting. I love when I get to share my testimony of the restored gospel. We both were touched and the spirit was so strong. 

Let's see...the weather has been pretty normal. Not too chilly. Today is beautiful 

We had a new format for interviews with president where he and the assistants visited our district meeting. We received instruction from both and were able to learn how to increase our efforts with friends coming to church. Making sure they feel welcomed and at home! I love my mission president.  He is very in tune with the spirit as he counsels me in my work I can tell it is right from Heavenly Father. 

Got some free ice cream :) 

Met a professional musician. Apparently ukulele playing is really popular now so he is in a few ukulele bands and some rock bands. He's a Mike Oldfield fan ;) THE really cool part is he read the Book of Mormon in the 70's ! He is still interested and is just a happy 83 year old. Also met a bloke that was 100 1/2 years old! He still had a full head of hair too!!! I would have guessed 80's. 

These next few weeks are really packed and busy. Going on exchange with the traveling assistants tomorrow. Exchanges on Thursday and next week as well. 

My new favourite thing is post cards! So if you see one on your travels send it to me! 
My favourite little lad! We had matching hair! 

Elder P

Sent from the land of lads

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