Monday, March 27, 2017

Cherish family and friends

Hey everyone,
Unreal week weather wise. It was sunny sunny ☀️ I think low teens and man was it nice. No jacket, just hangin out. It's amazing how the sunshine can completely change the people's receptiveness to the gospel. They all of a sudden don't become "too busy" they have loads of time to chat haha. We met some really cool people this week and had some fun times.  We had exchange with the elders from Hull on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday evening we traveled to Hull so we could make the coach at 6:30 the next morning for our zone conference!!! 

We were able to teach Elesha about prophets and priesthood authority this week. Sharing about what a prophet does and how he has blessed my life really brought a new found love for the prophets and apostles. They dedicate all the time and energy to do God's will. They wake up every morning to help build the kingdom of God in all that they do. Often times we overlook the work it takes to keep the church operating smoothly.  With around 16 million members all over the world, that's a lot of records and tithing to all keep track of. They do such a good job as they work to fulfil their duty and calling. I'm especially excited for general conference this weekend.! Except the time zone change so that sucks we won't be able to watch all of them live... 

President Monson slaying the browns!

Thursday at zone conference a senior couple serving as self reliance missionaries for all of England and Ireland came and spoke about the many programs the church has to help those people become self reliant. It's incredible. Elder and sister Dudley from Magrath!! Elder Walker and I talked to them after the meeting and I got a big warm southern Alberta hug from Elder Dudley! So cool. Side note my great grandma Pilling was Sister Dudley's seminary teacher in Picture Butte haha. Small world.

Zone conference was focused on showing love and care for the people you meet. Sharing a message which they will be interested in and want a return appointment. They really helped us train to be able to get the phone number and return appointment and have them be excited for an appointment. 

Man my favourite day this week was Sunday.  Sacrament meeting was pretty good. It was sorta a surprise because yesterday was Mother's Day haha. So all the talks were on mothers. Made me think how great my mom is! She puts others first in all she does. I love it. I can see how her influence on me as a child has made me better.  She is kind, loving and caring. Mom I love you! I especially love your testimony and your dedication to your calling. I see your love for our Saviour runs deep and is ingrained in all that you do. By following in the Saviour's example you have uplifted and encouraged me!

Also, Sunday I met a cyclist! He's a big deal haha. He runs a local race team who won the race series here in Yorkshire last season. Here's a pic just to show a little.  His name is David.

He works for Pactimo based in Colorado. He is also manager for the team and this last season he and his mates started a wheel company.  He makes the rims and the hubs are also made in Yorkshire! (shown in the picture). He is best mates with the cyclist I met a few months ago named Gary. So that's why they both ride the ti frames hand built in Beverley! I asked the classic question, "Do you use Strava?" haha He said of course you kind of have to when you work In the industry. Such a homie.  He said he has 14 bikes so maybe he will take me out on a ride..:) 

This week I have been studying the Holy Ghost and how we must tune in to the promptings much like we would tune a bike. There are many different things that must all be in working order for us to clearly hear the promptings of the Holy Ghost. So I have been working on my prayers and obedience, keeping my thoughts focused on the work and focused on our Saviour. As we direct our thoughts to the Saviour, we are promised to be uplifted by him and promised to have strength to move forward.  From a talk given by Boyd K. Packer he gives us a few things that will help us be worthy to feel of the spirit. " The requirement of faith, humility, and obedience to qualify him for the visitation of the Spirit."

Family, friends, and maybe even random viewers of my blog, I want to testify of the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The truth has once again been restored to the earth in preparation of the second coming. God has given us gifts which are presented to us through the spirit which help us in our eternal salvation. I know Heavenly Father's love for us is unmeasurable and greater than all love.  He answers prayers, he answers the requests for strength we ask for through his son Jesus Christ. The atonement is what makes us better people and it is what, in the end, will get us back to our father in heaven. I would like all to know that living the gospel isn't easy. I know I have struggled as many others have. But it is through our Saviour and Redeemer we are perfected and made better. I love this work and I do love my Father in Heaven. 

Hope you all enjoy your time together as family and friends. Cherish those memories! They are the best ones. 

With love,
Elder Pilling
Sent from the land of lads

Monday, March 20, 2017

Sunshine, oooh ya

England can actually be nice!!!

The weather this week has been soo nice. 13 Celsius and sunnnaay. Tue
Wed and Thurs I was just wearing my white shirts all day enjoying the
sunshine! People notice missionaries way more when it's two young guys
with white shirts haha. We had a lot of fun this week posh knocking...
which is pretty much knocking on really nice houses, like they have
private gates, intercoms, the whole shebang. We met a lady from Vancouver
who has lived here for years. We had a cool chat about Banff and
stuff! We also met a really nice Jehovah's Witness named Elly. We asked each
other questions for like 45 mins hahah I have learned so much.

This week we were able to meet with all of the people we are teaching!
We had super good lessons with Elesha and also with Roger! My favourite
line from Roger during the lesson was, "I feel very enlightened and uplifted".
It was so good to be able to really testify and share the truths of the gospel.
We have really been praying and hoping that we could have solid lessons
and we did! Unfortunately sometimes the wind doesn't blow in the
right direction, but this week was so good.

We have a busy few weeks planned with big zone conferences and
interviews and meetings! I'm excited to be able to learn and grow.

The past few days we have been able to engage in quite the gospel
conversations with members. I would like to share a few things we 
discussed. We talked about fear. So without fear, we would trust God with all
things and it would be so easy. As we face anything in our lives, if we look past
the fear, we would be able to handle any problems. So today I challenge you to
fear not and put your trust in God!

Also we discussed "trying hard". I thought and thought and thought
about this. What does it mean to try hard? I immediately attached 
this to the talk called "His Grace is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox.
Now you can break down trying hard to different levels, but I'm
referring to the trying hard as trying your best, all out, leave it
all on the table. Giving it your all. Coming from a cycling background,
racing has been my life. In a race you pace yourself so when the race
is over you have used all your energy and given it your best. So with
the gospel it comes a little differently. You are not pacing yourself,
you are giving it your best all the time because with God you can do
all things. You know I can't really have a deep doctrinal discussion
via email ha. But give it some thought and you will see how it
effects you.

I know my Redeemer lives and loves me. I know that we are never on the
easy path in life. It IS difficult and challenging and often times you will
find yourself questioning all you believe. But if you fear not and trust in 
the Lord, you can get through those difficult times.

That's all for now.  Thanks for your support!
Elder Pilling
Sent from the land of lads
Sister Taylor and her new boyfriend

Monday, March 13, 2017

There is power behind the knowing

It's been a quick 6 weeks with Elder Charman. We have loved the time in Beverley getting to know each other and doing loads of missionary work. I will really miss this place. But I won't have to say bye just yet, staying another transfer.  Yay! I love Beverley, especially spring time! 

This week has been so fun. It was sunny Monday ,Tuesday, Wednesday and cloudy Thursday, Friday but still warm! Like just my rain jacket all day! Let me tell ya, the English people completely change when the sun is out. We met so many nice people that we actually could talk to! Had a blast this week. We had exchange Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  It was supppppper fun. I spent my time with Elder Rex from Orem, Utah. He has a big family like 10 I think. He is the most positive, energetic, loving person ever. Straight outta high school and tryiiiing his best, it's so good. I always get a boost when I'm around him. We met a guy named Sean. He ordered a Book of Mormon online and has read about half of it! I had already given him a card a few months ago so it was nice to see that I can have an affect on people's lives. We are meeting him this week. In our recent zone conference, a major focus has been on working with members to share how the gospel can truly change lives. It has been super fun meeting with members and helping them see how easy it can be sharing the good. 

Meet a few members of the Beverley ward!

Clive and Joy Blakeston with Elder Rex

Both in their late 80's and are converts to the church. Baptized in the 1950's, they are the oldest members of the Beverley ward and have spent much of their time in the beautiful landscape of Scotland and England. They both have developed a love for the outdoors. They are avid hikers and cyclist and we get along so good. Just last year they took their last picture of them riding their tandem together! He is still very active with his hiking. Loves to walk miles and miles everyday. He is going in for a valve replacement end of march. Then he will be back attacking the wolds. 

Meet sister Boswell (again) 

Sister Boswell served a proselyting mission in 2007 in the England Leeds mission. Having accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ and baptized at just 13 she knows the gospel back to front. We rarely ever teach her anything, she teaches us! Up until a few months ago she was attending the temple 4 days a week doing temple work. Such an example for me to follow. She applies every part of the gospel of Jesus Christ in her life. She strives her hardest to follow the example set by Jesus Christ. 

I completed my specialized service for Adrian who is Elesha's son. He really messed up his bike. I had to do it on a low budget as well. I'll give you guys a run down; it had a destroyed rear derailleur and bent chain, had wobbling wheels and the brakes rubbed.  Oh and it didn't shift. 

I'm not magic so we had to buy a rear derailleur. But I did shorten the chain (had to take out the bent links) and true the wheels. Only took 1.5 hours. He is happy and I had a blast working on it. 
Adrian's bike is fixed!

Alright back to missionary work. This week we spent some quality time teaching our investigator Elesha. My favourite part of being a missionary is getting to share my growing testimony. The power behind the KNOWING is incredible. Future missionaries, don't be worried if you aren't sure. You will find out what you know very quickly. There's method behind the madness; the study time, the companion, the white handbook. They are all tools you are given to be better. They all build your testimony and give you the power to testify. 

I love you all! I love this gospel and God's plan for us! 

Hope you all have a warmer week. Spring is soon!
Love Elder Pilling 

Sent from the land of lads

Monday, March 6, 2017

We worked and worked and worked

Hey everyone!

It's been a crazy fast week. Finally seeing success! We worked and worked
and worked. Tuesday and Wednesday I was with Elder Ferrell from
Morgan Utah!....... he is neighbours with Christian Elton
hahahahaha small world. (Christian Elton is our friend, Carmen's, nephew).

So we had so much fun together meeting some cool university students
and met a family of ice hockey players. Way cool,. Not sure how good
they are but still neat. I'm not sure if Elder Ferrell is teaching
anyone we met but I felt the love from Heavenly Father. Thursday was
crazy.  We were up super early and took a private coach at 7 am.  We traveled to Huddersfield and loookie who I saw... Adam Walker!!

Elder Walker is from Calgary
We were able to hang out all day while we received instruction and stuff. So good! Nice to have a friend finally. During the conference, we learned how to work more with members on missionary work. It was so good to be able to feel the spirit and have the spirit teach them!

Now the blessing of the week!  Today while walking to the train station, we bumped into a friend sorta (a guy we contacted a while back).  He had accepted a Book of Mormon but didn't want to meet again because he said he was too busy. But he actually read Moroni and 50 pages into Nephi! He's like, "I've read a lot of religious texts and it is the only one that has power in it's words." He has studied old English language so he had no issues with the language. He enjoyed how the words of Mormon came from the heart and was a true testament. It's hard to explain over email. But he pretty much described the Holy Ghost to us. Such a cool experience. We were able to chat so much about it all. He is a random guy about 25 yrs old.  Quote from him, "I believe in it about 70%. I will read more and then we will see." Hahaha I honestly thought we would never see him again. But being that Beverley is so small, we did. He now has our number and will contact us about a time we can talk more. Man so good.

This is the last week of the transfer, so I will let you all know next week if I stay or go!
This week for pday we went to a buffet as a zone!
Hull Zone at Wings Buffet

Love, Elder Pilling
Sent from the Land of Lads