Monday, July 9, 2018

I'm happy! Everyone is happy!

It's seems like it has been months since I have had some quality time to write out an email.  So here comes a beauty. 

This week Elder Pilling drives on the wrong side of the road, eats chicken, takes a hike, chops some wood and smiles more than usual. 

Last pday we visited the beach and it was a blast. But it got better after that. Tuesday we went and did some service at a place called CAN (community action in nature). Missionaries have been going there and doing simple service such as planting bushes or trimming tree branches or pulling weeds. All enjoyable. As of late, the sisters who also go have really connected with 3 people there. So keep in mind that they have had a year to ask missionaries questions but they have just now felt comfortable. It has been amazing seeing the light grow as they begin to recognize the spirit. 

Tuesday evening was special. Jack and his sisters have been wanting to go to get some chicken for a long time now and we finally made it happen. Except Antoinette also came and her brother Kieran! So good, wow. Those of you who have been or currently are on a mission you know what it feels like to meet someone who you know you were supposed to meet. Well this is Antoinette and Kieran. I have never felt so much love and care before. Whilst eating, Jack's sisters (Lauren and Grace) invited Antoinette to YW right after. Brilliant idea.  Jack and I babysat Kieran and Antoinette went to make brownies or whatever YW do... check out these beauty pics. (Keeping a 5 year old entertained for 1+ hours at the end of a long day was very difficult but I loved it) 

Wednesday we had a little district council... then institute with Antoinette and Kieran! Wow so good. We are studying Jesus Christ and how we can become more effective leaders by following his example. I LOVE Jesus Christ. All we can learn is sooo rich and deep and just fulfilling. 
We did some more sunny service on Thursday. Planted some flowers in the shape of a poppy :).  Service is a super good way to give others the opportunity to ask and find truth. It's fantastic. 

Saturday is a special day :) haha jk Sunday is a special day too :) it's the day we chopped wood for almost 2 hours at CAN. Quite the workout. I only got yelled at for being "High I" and not safe enough... eek my bad. Saturday we saw Antoinette and Jack again.  We got her all set for church. Sunday was special because at 9:30 Saturday night we were asked to teach the 12-16 youth Sunday school. Wow was that fun! I love seeing new testimonies grow :) After church Jack received the Melchizedek priesthood.  Antoinette loved it!! Ugh so special. Life is so great right now. I'm happy, everyone is happy. 

HOLD THE PHONE.... the Gore fam (all of them) are SO GOOD. We had a little family BBQ after church and I loved it. It's something special when you see a family who loves and supports each other. It really does make a difference for the kids. Thanks mom and dad for being legit. Seriously could not have made it this far without you. Miss you tons. I have loved loved loved being in England. All the peeps I have met. All the prayers that have been answered. And of course all the people I have been able to help :) 

Today we went to Leeds. Here's a pic of some extra good friends I have made.

Love Elder Pilling 

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Baptism, Sushi and Chinese Food

This week I dressed in white. Wore short sleeves everyday. Ate sushi (again). Ate Chinese again. Here are pics 

No judging the pics because our Chinese friends use funny apps that have funny filters. Makes us look like girls haha 

Chinese with Brianna and Vanessa and Jack. Elder Pitcher too 

K so it's been absolutely crazy, like I don't even know where to start.  At the end of last week we had a lesson with Brianna, our Chinese friend.  We extended the invite to be baptised hoping to get her on date for maybe the 14 of July before she moved to London on the 28th. Well she said she wants to be baptised but wanted Elder Pitcher and me and Elder Lyman there. It's a rule we can't travel to an old area for a baptism. Sooo the next day we went out for sushi and we asked her again. She said, I want to be baptised before London!!!!!! So we planned a baptism real quick and boom she was baptised!!!! So that made things crazy wow. We had Chinese with Briannna and her friend and Jack on Wednesday night as a going away party.  

Pretty legit week I'm not gunna lie. I can't even remember the last time it rained here.... crazy good weather. Kinda makes me love England haha 

We also had interviews with President and Sister Turvey which were fantastic. Best ones yet I'd say!  I love love love how much love God has for us. His plan is so specific and designed differently for each of us. On God's computer, he definitely doesn't have a copy and paste. 

This time in my life is the best time. With all my friends going home or just leaving I have come to see how good a mission is. Doesn't get much better. 

Love ya beauties 

Elder Pilling
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Ugh my watch broke so my tan lines are showing haha   

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


To describe this week... MIRACLES.  I can not even explain how good this week has been.  We did 2 baptismal interview with Hugh, who was baptised on Saturday in York 2 (the zone leaders) and Yasmine, who will be baptised on Saturday!  

Out to eat with Hugh after the baptism

On Tuesday we had a lesson with our Chinese friend Brianna. She's been to church a bunch and has a desire to have a good family so we've been building off of that. Things went well.  She's moving to London on Thursday for about 1 month and we wanted to make sure she knew her path so we invited her to be baptised. Although she didn't select a date, she did say yes! Thursday rolled around and we had sushi with her and the other elders. (So good) at that moment she told us she wanted to be baptised before she goes to London! After a busy couple days we got the OK to baptise her tomorrow and confirm her the same day. I'M SO EXCITED! 

Jack Gore, the legend
Jack invited his friend to church and it went sooooooo good. Like wow. Everyone reading, you need to know that there isn't a single person who doesn't have a burden the Saviour Jesus Christ can help lift. You may not realize it, but God has probably put people in our lives so they can find the church through us. Anyways I'll just share a little bit more. Jack has really grown so much and is learning so much. I think if we all prayed for God to identify 1 person we could bring to church, that would be a fantastic step in building the kingdom.

Everywhere I turn there are miracles. I mean the Gore family invited us over for a BBQ. We had friends at church. We have friends being baptised. It is so good. Excited for more to come!

Love ya

Elder Pilling

Ps congrats to Mr and Mrs Websty πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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Monday, June 18, 2018

We can become better

A pretty good day eh. Got a nice T-shirt tan line (unusual for missionaries), played some volleyball and threw a football around🏈. It was pretty nice. Jack drove us to Bridlington. It was a real treat.

Donkeys on the beach. 2.50£ for a ride.
Children only though.  Sad day.

There are so many good things happening!!! A little hard to keep track of it all but I think we are managing. We have 1 Chinese investigator who is so very good.  Her name is BianLin. We're teaching her pretty much every day. She came to church which was so good because of the Father's Day singing and talks. Her biggest desire is to have a good happy family. On the right track there!
Andy is still here. He's had a tough life so things are a little up and down. But we are helping and he is progressing. He didn't quite make it to church which is unfortunate.  Extra prayers he can make it next week!!

Sam I am. He came to our cool Nashville tribute band concert. Elder Walker and I had a quick exchange on Thursday and had such a killer lesson with him! We talked about baptism and repentance. He is a genius. He studies literature and stuff. Doing his masters. As we were reading from Moroni chapter 7 he taught us some stuff. I caught Elder Walker's eyes and we were both shocked. The focus was to teach repentance and baptise converts. Literally. So we read and he's like, "so repentance helps clean our pot and gets all of our last mistakes washed clean. We get a few different fruits to fill it up from repenting but still not too full. Then as we are baptised and continue to repent the pot is overflowing with the fruit. Our blessings cannot be contained. It still needs to be cleaned regularly but we will always have the fruit and it will always be full."

Love this work. I have focused on teaching repentance and promising very specific personal blessings. No more "when you're baptised you will be happy" rubbish. It's changed to "as you do your best to live the commandments and are baptised, I can promise you that you will see your daughter in less than a year's time vs 14 years. This will make you into the father you wish to be as long as you put maximum effort.

It is taking steps of repentance that bring about change. The atoning sacrifice that Jesus Christ paid has made this all possible. We CAN become better. Let's do our best to be a little better everyday so we can help more people everyday.

Elder Pilling, pay attention and apply please.  It has changed my mission. Take a look at what the investigator most desires and put your faith on the table and promise them that blessing. Some may say it's a little bit gutsy and risky but do it because the Lord makes the way possible. Apply all that good stuff. Obviously do it with faith :) extra praying and planning.

Ok I gotta bounce. World Cup is on. England is playing !!!
P. S.  had another Chinese lunch :-))))

Elder Pilling
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Monday, June 11, 2018

I love it!

To all my dedicated readers.... I'm sorry

Today we had a super fun pday.  We went to a trampoline park. Did some
flips and what not. Humidity killed me, I got nice and sweaty. It was so fun tho. 
forgot my iPad so I'm just now starting my weekly.

This week flew by.... I went to Leeds for a meeting which was nice.
One of my favourite zone leaders was recently called as an assistant
which is just fantastic. Really connect with him, it's good.

Oh ya transfers!! My heart was racing. And well, I'm staying. I'M SO
LOVE EVERYTHING! Plus we are teaching some real beauties :))) people
of the forest, the mission life is the best life. Go for it and you'll
love it.

And now I'm hoping I took nice pics

Look at this beauty.  Jack was a sneaky guy
and found the same tie as me and bought it
when he was in New York

I love being a missionary. I love love this gospel. I have seen the ups and the downs and I have experienced them. I grew up in the church and I knew it was good for a very long time. I did not know how it worked though. Since being here I have learned that the gospel works. The atoning sacrifice the saviour made for us enables us to repent and be forgiven. It gives us the chance to be so much better and I love it! If you are reading this and you know someone who may be struggling or may be lost, the best best thing is to have them test it. Pray to our Heavenly Father. He loves you and wants to help. With the smallest amount of real faith we can experience the love of our Saviour and our Father in heaven. 

Love you fam and friends, 

Elder Pilling 

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Monday, June 4, 2018

Non stop miracles and non stop smiles

A fantastic week!! Like I don't even know where to begin.  I'll start with Monday I guess. We had warm sunny weather, had a nice picnic with the ward, followed by a lesson with one of our recent converts Hannah. Fingers crossed that Andy would be there (they have been fighting recently and we haven't had a solid lesson since he came to church) God loves all his children and blessed us with a sweet, sweet lesson. So good. We talked about what we desire in life. Taught them about faith and hope and how important those 2 things are. Hope is anything but wishful.  It is an expectation based on experience. I have experienced the love of Christ. My faith and hope motivate me and keep me going. We talked about how this can help them too. It was an excellent lesson.
On Tuesday we cranked out some more service. We cut some grass and stuff.  It was pretty chill.  We  ate Taco πŸ”” Delish! Kind of a relaxed day of planning.

Wednesday we had a lunch with our Chinese friends!!!

On the left is Bianlin, then Hailey (member), then
Cheng Rong, then my comp, Elder Pitcher, me,
then Tian, then Lanquin.

We pretty much spent the time building friendships and answered questions. We attempted to understand their convo in Chinese. Fail. We also had a lesson with our friend Sam. This one was much better than our lesson last Sunday. We went to a nice park and I had lots of bearing of testimony. The spirit was just perfect. 

Thursday we had a nice lesson with Andy again! This time one of our assistants popped over with one of the zone leaders. Pretty good, but they left after 20 min (busy people) then things got really good. We talked so much about the steps he needs to take to achieve more in his life. I love this gospel. It's so perfect and God has thought of everything!

Friday!!  So Friday we had a lesson with 2 of the Chinese friends who were at the lunch. They are genuinely interested in what makes their friend who is a member so happy. Idk know much, but I do know we felt the spirit.  There was a lot in Chinese.  In the evening we had another lesson with Sam. Also super good.

Saturday we did some more service. A massive branch fell so we had to clear that up. Pretty good stuff. There's one guy that goes by the name Tony. He's just a big softy, I love him!!! At night we taught Andy again and confirmed he's coming to church. So happy, things are going good.

Sunday was church.  Well we were late... so rocky start but once things were settled it was actually a  really good fast and testimony meeting. Mostly the spirit taught me.  I felt so much love and peace. Bianlin, our Chinese friend came!  So good. Like things are great people. I don't think I have ever taught so many lessons to progressing investigators in 1 week! After church, Saline our member and her 2 Chinese friends Lanquin and Bianlin fed us authentic Chinese hot pot. We had a fabulous lesson after and the spirit was soooo strong. Loved that. Really good Sunday :)

Also, transfers happened and Elder Pitcher and I are staying! And Elder Walker and his comp are staying! I'm so happy. 

Overall, I'm having a really good time. I am so blessed. 

We had a fun p-day.  We did proselyting fro 12-3pm,  had a lesson with Xander which was super good!!!  Then we taught a convert named Hannah, then chilled with Jack❤️ and his sisters (they crack me up).

Love you all! 

Elder Pilling 
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Monday, May 28, 2018

Lil bit of Nashville

Sun sun (little rain) sun sun ☀️

So I have been aware for many moons that my emails aren't as descriptive as they used to be... well I guess it means that  England is home ❤️ and nothing feels crazy new. But my fans have spoken so I'll do my best to be detailed ;)

This week we did all sorts. Little BBQ, did some weeding, more weeding, narrowly avoided temptation and refused the  Golden Arches (McDonald's), Nashville tribute band visited, ate some Chinese, went to church, taught primary, ate more dumplings.

Anyways I'm out of time.

Love you!!!

Jk all
The real goods - 
As you may have noticed or maybe not but we are doing loads of service. This is because of a really cool initiative the church is doing called So basically there's a set of elders who have been doing service instead of proselyting. After a full year of this they are slowly ending the program and making them back into proselyting missionaries.  So this means all the missionaries are encouraged to do 6 hours of service in the community.  Having the service elders in York means they already found all the projects.  Super coolio. We're meeting so many people and I'm enjoying working with my hands.  I've even had some quality time with a weed Wacker.

Sam I am. I'm trying not to share too many personal details but Sam is a university student. He recently started attending a church. Anyways we invited him to Music and the Spoken Word with the Nashville Tribute band in Leeds. It was SO GOOD. About 100x better live. Some serious talent going on. Best of all it was focused on the restoration and Jesus Christ. I know I had multiple experiences with the spirit that night. Sam loved it, so all good! We did have a lesson on Sunday with  him. Not so good. Idk what was up but it just didn't seem right. He is really interested and wants to hear more about prophets though, so not a complete failure.

We had some delicious dumpling with our Chinese member friend, Hailey :).  She made this chicken that is so so so good. So good that I'm going to open up a little chicken shack and sell it.

Hailey's famous-to-be chicken!

This is Silane.  She's been a member for a good
while now.  Maybe 6 months. Jack Gore on the
right of me, comp on the left. 
Sam the man 

Ahhhh this is the last week until transfers. So crazy!! 

Love you,
Elder Pilling 

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