Monday, November 20, 2017

Trust and Confidence in Christ

So ya this week kinda wasn't that awesome. But still awesome ya know?! No snow yet... there's probably a greater chance that we will see more snow next winter than this one. 

Firstly, meet Mary Jane and Adam. The kids were running the halls so no pic of them yet. 

Yep some matching ties cause why not (a member also has the same one).

This week we had a new transfer so it was crazy seeing all the members and their reaction that I was staying. It's been 7 months now. 

So Thursday a member had us over for a meal then we went on a home teaching split thingy. It was successful. Also busy and cold. 

There's a lovely member in our ward who is from New York and she invited us to her Thanksgiving celebration. It was good except the Buffett we went to was out of turkey lol. Kinda a fail. 

Sunday was the greatest. Ward conference. Adam and Mary Jane came! Church is hard with a 2 year old.... but still good. After, our ward mission leader invited us over for a meal with Adam and his family. It reminded me of Sundays at home! So yummy. Good conversation. Just some quality times. 

So a quick quote,

 "Trust and confidence in Christ and a ready reliance on His merits, mercy, and grace lead to hope, through His Atonement, in the Resurrection and eternal life" David A Bednar 

I have gained a simple powerful testimony of our saviour. I have seen his love. I love this gospel. 

I really struggle testifying in words on here haha 

Elder Pilling 

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Magical week 🌈🌈

Well we had quite an awesome week. Like, best week on the mission probably.

I'm not going to do it in order or anything. Just as it comes to my mind.

All week we had a finding challenge with York zone. Pretty much
different parts of missionary work is worth different points so
whichever zone gets the most points win. Well our zone lost by 2,700.
Pretty bad huh.

But anyways, Thursday was our exciting day because it was the day
we were going to teach Mary Jane AND Adam!! So we had a yummy roast
chicken dinner then for the rest of the time he asked questions about
everything pretty much. Word of wisdom, priesthood, Sunday schedule. We
didn't have any time to have a structured lesson haha. But man he is so
cool. He is beginning his own painting business at the moment so he
travels around painting stuff. And wallpaper. Yep they still use it
over here.

Tuesday wasn't the greatest. All our appointments cancelled. It kinda
wasn't fun.

Saturday also not good. But pretty!  Here's a pic.

Wednesday was a blast, our last district meeting of the transfer. Then we had an exchange.  We also did a finding thingy in Keighley town center.  Basically all that happens is we draw the plan of happiness with chalk then stop people and talk about it. It went well and we had fun. Little cold. Got some pictures for the finding challenge. 

Sunday was SO GOOD. So Adam and Mary Jane and the kids came! They showed up early and all. We just loved it. It was Remembrance Sunday which was nice. The ward members were perfect in fellowshipping Adam and the family. A family invited them over for a Sunday meal next week!! Good idea. After church we did some finding. Leon introduced us to his manager at work, Lisa. She is so very nice. She sat down for a quick 5 min. We shared Moroni's promise and just in those 2 verses he felt the spirit and felt a truth coming from the Book of Mormon.  We set up a return lesson at Leon's for that day after her work. Then we taught her. We sang her Come All Ye Faithful.  The spirit was just perfect, we nailed it. Ah some things she said were like... I feel a sense of pure truth from the Book of Mormon or it seems like it's more of a real religion.  It make sense. 

I would like to testify by saying "there is truth in the Book" the Book of Mormon has more converting power than we all believe. Peace, happiness, and knowledge can be found when we study it diligently. 

Oh ya, we had transfers. And I'll be sticking around in Keighley for another transfer. Yep it'll my 6th transfer. So I've been in Keighley since the middle of April. Next transfers are December 19 I think. Yep and Elder Uter is staying too! We are so very excited!


This is my favorite district leader, Elder Clanton.  He returns to Arizona tomorrow :/. 
He's so great! Featuring Wieners of Waterton shirt and Peru pans haha

Love yaa!

Elder Pilling 
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Monday, November 6, 2017

Super Awesome Week

So this week was an absolute blast. Started off with Halloween. We
were on exchange with our district leader. So something really cool. I
have been out the longest in our district so I have really learned
from the new people. Everyone is still very excited about the
missionary efforts. But also we have a really tough district as far as
our finding numbers so it can get discouraging. We have really worked
hard to help each other be HAPPY and let me tell ya we love serving
with each other. And we will be having a district reunion in Banff in
about 2 years. Haha so good.

So exchange was great. Because of Halloween we had to be in the flat
at 6 unless we had permission for a ward party. Well we had a ward
party on exchange. Trunk or treat with about 10 cars. Pretty good.

Not much Wednesday.

Thursday we spent most of the day at interviews and training with the
assistants. First in my interview I told president Turvey I wanted to
get to know him better. So he said Sister Turvey and I will come
teaching with you. Tell me about your area. I told him about our
favourite family, the Williams, who has a mom who hasn't been in awhile
and a husband who has been 1 time. So we made plans for the next day
to go out for a meal and then teach them. Super wow awesome! I learned
a lot about President Turvey. And Sister Turvey. We then taught Mary
Jane. Tried to teach her husband. Here's the story...

So we get there at 8 hoping all the kids were in bed asleep only to
find Harley the 5 year old boy awake! He loved the attention but
proved it to be difficult to teach anything. After his dad Adam took
him to bed we had a chat with Mary Jane. It was on the edge of awesome
and not awesome. So ya kinda mutual. We kinda left it in her court to
take some steps of faith. (Don't want to share too many details). But
ya so that ended our Friday.

Saturday was a cool day. We visited some people did the usual. Then
Bon fire night, which is celebrating a guy named Guy Fawks who tried
to blow up parliament in 1605 with 36 barrels of gun powder. He was
unsuccessful so now everyone in England burns stuff and has fireworks.

So a little ward gathering with pork pies and mushy peas, not my
favourite. Because of health and safety we couldn't have our own fire
or fireworks at church. But we stood next to the neighbours which was
plenty big and had some proper good fireworks. Wow. I've
got vids I'll send in a separate email.

Sunday morning we were a little down. Fast Sunday and no one we
invited was coming to church but whatever. Then Mary Jane ran through
the doors at 9:57 (starts at 10) she said it was last minute but I
felt I needed to be here! My heart almost exploded with love! The Holy
Ghost is real guys!

It gets better though. Sunday evening we had duck which was cool. And
met with a cool member from Saint Helena (Tiny island).

Monday morning Adam (Mary Jane's husband) adds me on Facebook and
sends me a message asking if we wanted to go over for a meal so we
can get to know him. He also asked if we would be able to share more
about the gospel and about church with him!! He's never been taught
before. It gets even better. He asked Mary Jane how long church was
and told her he wanted to attend the whole thing on Sunday! Ah we were
all speechless including Mary Jane.

Greatest pday of my mission today. We are getting a pic with the fam on
Thursday so stay tuned for my favourite family in England !!!

Ya so that's awesome.

Elder Clanton, my former district leader, (I've been in the same zone as
him for 10 months of my mission) well he goes home next week so this
was his last pday. We went bowling. Then went to the institute
building. It was great. Sad to say bye! He lives in AZ so Toni and Brad
definately go visit him! Please. He's my favourite.

Elder Clanton from AZ

So ya loved this week. Legendary stuff.


Exciting things everywhere.

It was chilly about 1 Celsius this morning. Put on a scarf and gloves.
Brrrr. Got dark at 5 that sucks.


Elder Peeling

Monday, October 30, 2017

Fresh Air

So I'll try and be productive with the message and time I have to
share my adventures.

It's definitely fall here. Chilly air, clear skies (sorta, not really), and
pretty colours.  I can deal with the green all winter! 😎

We went to the sister's area in our district for a little b'day celebration
and a coolio finding activity. Turns out the people in Skipton, which
is like 5 miles from Keighley are very different. Very little love
from the people. It's quite a "cute" little village. We continued to
ask people what makes them happy and we loved it.

So this week we had an awesome meeting with Elder Foster, a General
Authority 70. He really helped us as a mission see how we can plan,
prepare, and execute our plans. We need to have visions. He gave us
awesome ideas to help members in their missionary work.

So this week I stumbled upon a little scripture passage in Alma. About
a women named Abish. She was converted to the Lord but didn't tell
anyone. A little while later when the people fell to the earth
because of unbelief she ran door to door sharing the things she knew
because she wanted to save them. Is this not the case for us? We know
the good the gospel can bring. We know how it will help us. We know
Jesus Christ lifts burdens. Alma 19:16-17.

Ponder, pray, and do something haha. Let's #lighttheworld

I am great guys. We carved pumpkins today and the picture will come
next week sorry.

The other Elder Pilling, I  love you pal.

Byeeee guys!

Elder C. Pilling

No pics either :/ quick selfie

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Rain, Referrals, and Lessons

Kinda a fun week. Don't remember all the details but I'll do my best.
I was assigned to be the last speaker in sacrament meeting so I had 5 days write a talk about families and "The Family a Proclamation to the World". The time flew by! I learned that the quickest way to make a missionary homesick is to assign him to give a 20 minute talk on families.... I'm so funny!  That was my big joke. I got the oldies laughing.
So the weather has not been awesome lately. Very large hurricane type storms over Ireland and the coastline so we got a lot of wind and water.   Here's a nice pic:

Shortly after we took this pic, Elder Uter broke his girly umbrella ahah !

We had a really cool opportunity on Wednesday.  After our district meeting, we got some chalk and drew out the plan of salvation as a district. All the circles were not so round but I think people understood. We asked everyone what makes you happy? This was interesting because there's a lot of people that aren't happy!! I felt bad for each one of them and wished they would take some time to listen, but most just ignored us.

We met 2 really cool people who did have good potential. Buuut we haven't seen them since Wednesday so maybe not so good haha. But one nice gentleman said, "I'd like to get my baptism redone. I feel like it just wasn't right". He currently attends Christ Harvest Church. (I've never heard of it either) so that's cool.

I love my district. We were all full on crying we were laughing so hard at district meeting. Some very good times.

Our bishop bought us lunch after a funny little referral. So Friday morning we got an email from with a referral. 🙏🏼 so blessed. We planned to pop over to see him Saturday morning. It's on the very edge of our area so we had a super pretty bus ride. We got out there and knocked on this guy's door. Daniel answered and just started apologising. We were a little confused. But it turns out his work colleagues are all doing pranks. And was utilised when they learned his address. So he asked for a picture and off we went (he lived in the middle of nowhere).  After, while waiting for the bus, our bishop picked us up and drove us to the other side of the area to get food and to our next appointment. Such a nice guy.

I've mentioned before a guy named Carl. He is a legend. I think he's in his 50's but looks 35. And acts 35 too.  He's our best friend. Hasn't been to church in awhile but it's chill we still love him!!

Mary-Jane came to church!!! Yeppers it was awesome. So on Thursday we took our ward mission leader and taught an awesome lesson and went over all the things she is nervous about and the feelings she will feel once again! Super good. Also she asked me loads of questions about Canada because she wants to move there haha. England isn't her fav. To see someone find happiness where they don't expect it is so great! Church can bring joy! Invite your friends!

This church is great and every single day I get to experience why it's great! Have a great day peeps.

Elder Cale Pilling
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Monday, October 16, 2017

It is the only way!

Hey Guuys,

First off there was or is a hurricane off the west coast of Britain. THAT'S GOOD NEWS!  It's been so warm lately it is awesome. Still haven't busted out the gloves yet.. we did get soaking wet twice this week though haha. My bad.... 

I know tomorrow is a special day for the newest Elder Pilling.... but I'm also an Elder Pilling so listen up because it's been a good week. 

Just kidding. Jospeh Peter Pilling. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU. I think it's quite awesome we get to serve at the same time! I'm sure you've gotten all sorts of advice but one thing to remember:  Isaiah 64:8 But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.

The mission is a time of growth and change within ourselves. We must be a soft clay and let change happen! Don't look back, just make goals- lots and lots of goals. And trust the lord. "You will be a mighty tool in the hands of the Lord." 

Some crazy things. Some really good things. Some of the best times. 

First a unique member fed us.... well we got pilchard in tomato sauce and potatoes and peas. I know I am a fisherman and all but pilchard not my fav!. 

We also had zone conference and that was different because we got new phones.  Yes it's a full blown smart phone with data and all. The newest galaxy a5. Boy is it weird having a touch screen phone. It's so nice having normal volume when you call someone haha. To carry on about Zone conference we had a visit from the lead public affairs missionaries in the U.K. Elder and Sister Partridge instructed us on how to best use Facebook and what their goal is. Basically to sum it all up they want The Church of Jesus Christ to go viral on Facebook. We are seeing some really crazy good success with some videos reaching 17,000 views I think is the best one. 

I NEED YOUR HELP. I can be involved with you all on Facebook. We need to make sure everyone in the world can feel the spirit through a video or quote. So repost or share or direct message any of my posts or any spiritually uplifting posts you see. Just one click and hundreds of people will be able to see it. You never know who may need to see it. I'll be posting my profile soon as well as a little I'm a missionary video! 

Moving right along. Went to the Toby Carvery with my favourite lads!

The Swiss gentleman on the left is 93 and he takes us out every other week! Brother Ashworth on the right is currently getting a new knee! Like right now! So they are the best. 

We finally found some new people to teach, an older catholic lady who is so lovely. And a young girl, 17 ish who doesn't know what she believes in.... both are excited to learn more. I don't know much about them so more next week.. 

We did have a little miracle this week. It was pouring rain and we were searching for a house but I couldn't remember the number... so we knocked on a door and an elderly lady answered and said come in. As most old people do, her fire was on and it was toasty warm!! Blessings from God. She was born in 1923..... so gettin on haha. She was so lovely and we chatted and stuff then once it stopped raining. she swiftly asked us to leave haha wasn't too interested in the gospel. 

Sunday my OH my. All of Europe, so 39 countries were able to tune into a broadcast from Elder Ballard and some other general authorities. By far the best fireside I've ever been to. In an effort to keep the special experience sacred, I will only share one thing he taught us.  He taught us about miracles and how the miracles are for members and their missionary work. Here are a couple of quotes I liked. 
"There are miracles that are to be performed."  
"Where do miracles start? They start on our knees."

My mtc teacher made this quote into a nice picture.  It is from Massimo de Feo of the Seventy

For the last year I haven't missed a day without readying the Book of Mormon. I can testify that it is a special witness of Christ.  You can not read it without coming closer to the Saviour. The teachings, the messages, the stories, they all grow our faith in the Savior. Read it, ponder it, and pray. It is the only way. 

I love you all! And love this gospel!

Elder Pilling

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Conference thoughts

So last Monday I was busy and I couldn't think so I forgot a few things. Some very important things. 

First we went to the temple!!! It was such a special experience, to be able to feel of the spirit of Elijah and help those beyond the veil! I was lucky enough to take 6 family names to do baptisms for. And because of the circumstances, Elder Uter was able to baptise me for those people! Then..... I baptised him for some people! Super awesome. And of course Leon was there with us and experienced it all. He had such a good time! I love temples and am so grateful we can attend and feel such a lovely spirit!

Now this week lots happened. Not in any particular order. 

So if you think back like 4 months we met a lady named Carole who just recently moved back from New Zealand! (Super thick accent) We haven't seen her in a long time but she texted and asked if we were able to come cut her grass as she hasn't been feeling too well lately. So Friday we popped over and cut the forest of a lawn! For England it's a really big garden(yard). So it took about 2 hours with the little electric mower which I did surprisingly well considering the length of the grass. 
She was so grateful and it just felt good to help someone in need. 

Buzz Lawn Care UK...this was about half of it.
We also had a little volleyball game with a member and her friend. Leon isn't the greatest at volleyball so he resorted to score keeping! That was pretty fun!

Oh man... I just remembered on Saturday we sorta noticed how the main heating wasn't working but we didn't really care because we were running around exercising. So Sunday morning comes around we are the first there and we turn the heat on..... 20 min later still not hot. 45 min later still nothing. Then sacrament starts and there's no heat! We froze!!! I had a dripping nose the entire time. My hands were so chilly.  But after Sunday school ended the heat finally was fixed and we had more warmth! 

Sometimes we get to experience some really great things out here. And this week 2 people made that possible. So we were visiting our non member friend George and he said, "Having you come around and visit is the highlight of the week for me." I was filled with so much love for him!!! It's hard to imagine you could have such an impact on someone's life until you experience it... 

The next cool experience was Leon's uncle. We popped around to grab a drink and he said, "Even though I don't stay and listen to the lessons and I don't say much I am really grateful you guys come around. As you help Leon you help me. Leon is much nicer to me and I can thank you for that!"  

Some greatness. I love the mission....and I am even beginning to love the hard times. It's strange but those hard times is what really boosts my growth!! 

Now general conference.... it was so awesome. I loved many of the talks I'll attach a few quotes in here from my favs. 

Dieter F. Uchtdorf in the priesthood session was really great. Speaking of spiritual healing and the light of Christ. It really hit me how the gospel can make all the difference in someone's life.  I've seen people stray away and lose this light of Christ but all it takes is the smallest little spark or ember for a fire to reignite. 

"There is a power, a strong influence, that emanates from the Savior. ... Because this power enlightens, uplifts, and illuminates our lives." Dieter F Uchtdorf. 

The light that comes from our saviour Jesus Christ is bright enough to fill the darkest of spaces. This light can be found in excess in the Book of Mormon. The reason why there's such a unique power in the Book of Mormon is because of the testimony of Jesus Christ it contains. I stand with the prophet and say read the Book of Mormon daily. Feast on the words of Christ! Don't just nibble!!! 

I know it's a week behind but I'm sure you all can catch up! Read the Book of Mormon with me! 6 pages a day study the same thing I do and we can learn together. 

Stanley G. Ellis 
A couple scriptures and quotes he shared I think fit into what I have learned. 

"May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong." 
President Thomas S. Monson 

The harder right will strengthen us and build us up. Makes us better. I have been to the tough parts the difficult moments and I agree it is very hard. I often don't feel comfortable in the challenges. When we have that "larger eternal perspective" which Elder W. Craig Zwick spoke of we can see the eternal blessings and the hope for a better day! 

D&C 122:7 All these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good." 

"No sacrifice is too great, no price too heavy, no struggle too difficult in order to receive blessings." Thomas S. Monson 

May I leave you with my testimony that "God is at the helm".  He leads us and guides us. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. If we study and ponder it's teaching I know our relationship with God will grow. We will learn more of Jesus Christ and his atonement. I love the warmth and comfort that Jesus Christ can bring in those dark times.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ amen. 

So mates here's a few pictures. 

I know it's a rubbish picture..... Swiss people  should stick to making cheese.....

Elder Uter and a doughnut

Elder Pilling
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