Monday, February 19, 2018

Pure Joy

Hellloooo :)

So funniest story ever.
There's a recent convert who was baptised the day before I got here.
He's 18 but because the sisters haven't had much success they are
teaching him the follow up lessons. Anyways, last week he said he
was too busy to meet because they are moving. He said, "my mom likes to
move a lot so it's pretty regular". Anyways we see him on Sunday and
he's like so I'm moving to Canada!!! Of all places. He's moving to
Swift Current haha.  His dad is a farmer... so funny. His family is
making the move in April!, so crazy. I would defiantly go visit him!
He's cool.

This week we had a zone conference. Our weeks always get super busy
when zone conference is on. So we were rushing around trying to see
all the investigators and members before zone conference. We also have
to stay in Darlington the night before. And boy it was a little hard. But alas
we made it and loved it! I can honestly say one of the most uplifting
inspiring conferences and just great! As mentioned last week, we have 
a really big goal to see 56 baptisms in the month of March. So that is 2 per
district in March! That's what we are shooting for. I'm super excited
about that.

So as some may know, it's been 16 months since I left the great white north.
It's been a wild ride. Lots of really amazing people. (Adam and
Mary Jane.. and kiddos), some faith building moments for me and those
around me.  I have learned more about myself and my testimony and the
gospel than I ever have before. I have learned what is needed to find pure
joy. I have really felt God's love in a pure form. In a quick glance I
would say I know my purpose now, and I know the ways I will be the
most successful in achieving all my goals. I know what I want from
life... it's changed into an eternal perspective. My personal testimony
that Jesus Christ lives and loves us is real. I really really am so
grateful that we have a living prophet. As one may say I have tested
the gospel. The principles taught work and they change lives. No
longer is the Book of Mormon a book which sits unopened at my bedside.
It now is studied, pondered, and prayed about. There is more power in
that book than I can really describe.

We have spent a considerable amount of time studying and discussing
chapter 4 in Preach My Gospel.... all about the spirit and the role it
plays in our lives. I love Heavenly Father's plan for us. I love all
the things he has given us so we can be able to return to live with
him. The Book of Mormon, prophets, scripture, families, priesthood,
temples! The list goes on and on. So grateful for all I have been

Elders quorum lesson was all about how to gain the trust from the lord
and from our families. As my dad has recently said, it is better to be
trusted than to be loved. The relationship I have developed with my
S aviour will be cherished.

Love you all....

Elder Pilling 
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Monday, February 12, 2018

Bye Elder Ward


Srrsly don't know where to start. Kinda want to go random today so know this isn't in order. 

We had a meeting in Leeds so we stayed over in Darlington (area below ours), caught a train at 8am and zoomed down. Super super good meeting. I definitely caught the vision President Turvey has for the mission. We have this thing called #TT which stands for think two. For a long while we have been finally achieving 1 baptism a week in our zones. Well you guessed it, President Turvey wants it to be 2 a week. We have all been stuck with a glass ceiling where we only set goals to find 2 or 3 new people a week. But President Turvey and I are now confident that it can be 1 a day! So we are going to shatter this ceiling and think two ;) 

I'm super excited about that^^^

I said bye to my new friend Elder Ward 😪 it was the best  7 weeks of my mission that's for sure. Really do miss him. He has another 20 months left in the mission so I'll have to wait awhile to hangout with him haha. I'm sure one day we will drive around in our land cruisers together. (Yes he drives a 1997 land cruiser).

So I got a new comp! He's fresh out of training. And also fresh out of highschool. It's been a pretty interesting week. I kinda messed up and took the wrong bus on our way to a funeral (oops). We were late for a meal appointment (thought it was at 5:30 actually at 5) so kinda a bummer week. 

Church on the other hand was unreal. Like the best sacrament meeting in a loooooong time. It was ward conference so the stake presidency was there. So good ahhh! So the Elder's quorum president bore his testimony then bishop Morgan did. Then the youth sang Peace in Christ, the new theme!! Surprised me, it was actually not bad. Then the stake presidency bore testimony. President Stuart gave an awesome talk about how we as members of the church need to be examples to those around us. Serve as our saviour served. 

From the song Peace In Christ this stuck out to me,
There is peace in Christ when we walk WITH him. 

We are walking WITH him. The Saviour said this to Enoch in Moses chapter 6 
34 Behold my Spirit is upon you, wherefore all thy words will I justify; and the mountains shall flee before you, and the rivers shall turn from their course; and thou shalt abide in me, and I in you; therefore walk with me.

We have his spirit and we have his stamp of approval. The strength we can all receive knowing he is walking with us. He has felt all the sadness and all the pains and sicknesses. He knows what it is like. And he has promised us that he will lift us up. I know he loves us and he will make ALL the difference in a life that is so difficult. His grace is sufficient for all men to return to live with him again.

Stay warm everyone :) 

Love elder p 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Sad days

So lots has happened this week...even had a little sneaky Skype with the fam (it's
approved :)

Let's start with Monday. There's a member who invites the elders over
every other week for a little family home evening so that was super fun. At the
moment they have a danish exchange student named Oscar. He will be
over here for 8 weeks taking the equivalent of his last year of high
school. He is a good guy for sure. He is a big reader so you all know
what that means. We gave him a Book of Mormon.... he said he's read
all the other religious texts; Bible, Quran etc. He said " I must read
and learn about it all before I say God isn't real." Should finish the
Book of Mormon really quick. Hoping he doesn't finish it before we can
tell him about Moroni and his promise!

So the highlight of the week was doing a little Skype lesson with
Jamison and his mom!! Aka Ian and his friend. It was the most
challenging lesson I've ever had. But I think it went well! It's
really cool to see people who are touched by the Holy Ghost. They have
this glow and this interest that I just love.

It's been a little too cold this week. Just a tad uncomfortable at
times. We did have some good fun on a little exchange dealio with the
Darlington elders. Had a district jeopardy game then hit the streets.
Didn't meet a ton of new people but had fun :)

TBH I'm super bummed that elder Ward is being transferred. Sad times. I have
loved the last 7 weeks, it's been a joy 😎  Now things are changing
quite a lot in the England Leeds mission. They are closing the London
South mission July 1st so our mission will gain 3 new stakes/zones. So
an extra 70-80 missionaries. Our mission is not quite doubling in size
but it's definitely growing!!

Some good things happening. The district is changing quite a bit too.
2 brand new missionaries will be joining us. Then my new comp Elder Selk.
He is very new. Same as Joe. So it's pretty young up in here. Plus I'm 3
years older than my new comp lol. I could ride a bike before he was
born 😂 anyways things are interesting for sure. I'm not even really
sure what to say. I'll snap a new district pic on Wednesday. It's
gunna be crazy.

Love yas

Elder Pilling

Sent from the land of the lads

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Stand Strong and Share Truth

Less than average week. Only because nothing overly exciting happened.
We did get new mattresses though (it's a big deal).

Actually I remembered something... so on Tuesday the Elders quorum
president asked us if we could teach the class on Sunday... sure why
not nothing else going on. Then Wednesday morning 1st councillor in
the bishopric calls and asks "Elder Pilling could you stand in and give a
talk on Sunday? One of our speakers can't make it. 7-10 minutes on the
talk from Thomas S Monson called Courage to Stand Strong." Thursday
all day was interviews with president and training from the
assistants. Pretty busy planning lesson (new curriculum not a lot of
material) so we planned a lot. My talk went ok. Not the greatest some
of my thoughts didn't make sense haha. Shared some classic
construction stories tho.

So I had some good study 📖 learned a ton! Lots about choosing the
right. Choosing the harder right instead of the easier wrong! Standing
true to our beliefs and not diluting what we believe when asked, etc.
Quite a lot of stuff. My FAVORITE probably came down to what we can
learn from Jesus Christ our Saviour. As he was confronted with many
false accusations he always shared truth and testified. When we
testify, a few things happen. First the spirit will touch the hearts of
those who are prepared and second we find our true testimony. After all "a
testimony is found in the bearing of it." Boyd K. Packer

I challenge you all to take a second thought when one asks about your
beliefs and stand strong and share truth. You never know who's ready
to receive.

This week is the last full week of the transfer so on Saturday we will
find out who moves around and what not. Should be good.  Quite a few
people are heading home and stuff so ah it's just exciting.

Also I snagged my English drivers license! Due to fraud reasons I
won't send a pic lol but it's pretty neat!  I feel like a proper citizen

One last IMPORTANT THING, if you email me your address I'll send you a
cool English postcard 😎 free of charge ;)

Love you alls

E. Pilling

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

It snowed!

Just FYI last year it snowed 1 day maybe 1cm. This year so far it has
snowed 4 different days. Each bringing about 3 inches of fluffy
goodness. I LOVE IT. Well I did until I had to shovel the parking
lot at church. Let me give you a hint. England's snow shovels are about
as good as any other snow shovel. Spent almost 2 hours and had little
progress so we just gave up lol. Put some salt down and prayed it would

rain before church.

We had a little exchange action on Tuesday with the elders in the district. 

I was with Elder Mills from Idaho (near Boise).  His fastest 5k is 16:48.... Anyway, 15 minutes before we left, our lesson cancelled. Then a miracle... sorta. A member in Scotland called the mission office and asked if some elders could give her mom (not a member) a blessing as she was ill. Boom. So I managed to find our way to the nursing home via bus 🚌. We rang the bell and a nice lady let us in and asked who we were visiting. Turns out Ivy Dunkley is quite ill. Like non- responsive and just sleeps. So we weren't really sure what to do as we had never met the lady so we just said a prayer and waited awhile for her to wake. Then left. Fast forward to the next day. The daughter called and asked if we could go over again. So this time with my actual companion we head over. The nurse said she's doing better today. Well not exactly true haha. We still didn't feel comfortable, it was awkward and stuff. So fast forward to Sunday. Finally mission accomplished and we had a visit with her. She still never knew we had ever visited her at all. But I'm sure her spirit was touched. 

So rewind Tuesday we had some time off to watch president Nelson's address and press conference! Very cool! Ate some Krispy creme donuts 🍩 Elder Joe Pilling, we thought of you ;) Remember kiddos "stay on the covenant path" 

I love and support the new first presidency. President Nelson definitely is a PROPHET. I'm extra excited for general conference! Also excited to see the new apostles. P.S. exciting news coming Feb 3!! 

So last week whilst emailing I just sat there for like 20 minutes pondering how lucky I am. I just had all of those testimony moments flash back and I loved it. Seeing all the people I've met and the times the spirit testified to them.  It's so great to be out on a mission.  Ya, so many of you know my little brother Joe is serving a mission too! How neat is that :) 

Also went to Durham cathedral. Harry Potter was filmed here a little. 

Elder Ward (companion)

Love ya all.

Elder Pilling
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Monday, January 15, 2018

A baptism and the hand of God

It's been crazy slow. Well not really, we had so much fun and all
sorts. Just feels a little slow because today has been a little
relaxing finally.

So we will do it fast and furious. Tuesday normal. Wednesday we had
district council, it was on the Candle of the Lord. I hope everyone
learned something :) Then we were so busy trying to visit all our
investigators before our exchange Thursday! It was good(ish). We did
have a good lesson with Harry (the big cheese) and Vicky. They said

they'd come to church.... and they did.... here's a quick pic

It's a blast teaching them.  They're both 22 and are pretty funny! And they are from London so very different. 

The most exciting part of the week was Adam's baptism!!!  He got baptized on Saturday. So good. I got to Skype it and it was amazing. He has such a strong testimony. Definitely falls into the truly converted category. We talked on the phone after and I got to hear about all his spiritual experiences. AMAZING! 

This week I have really noticed the hand of God. Like a lot!! It's great. I've got a good journal of it all so many stories for when I'm home :) 

Going on exchange tomorrow. Keeping things busy! 

We also lit some things on fire... don't worry it's just a really cool candle called Woodwicks candles. It sounds like a fire!! Cracking and all!! So many good memories. 

Awkward district photo as usual

Did some skating

Love yous :) 

Elder C. Pilling 

Sent from the land of lads

Monday, January 8, 2018

Crazy 2 weeks

Sorry to all about last week.... hope ya didn't miss me too much :)

It's been a crazy 2 weeks. Christmas, New Years and zone conference. All the holidays meant we ate so much food.... it seems that when members feed us they think oh the elders need a Christmas dinner.. every time.... so we had 1 really good one on Christmas Eve, 2 Christmas Day, 2 Boxing Day then we had another on New Year's Day too! We were blessed with so much love from members. Having only been in the ward for like a week before Christmas I thought it was going to be tough.. in some ways it was. Others it was awesome. My companion and I spent extra time together which has created a good bond. I mean when you both drive land cruisers how can you not love each other ❤️. 

The missionary work here is very different. Not as many chav estates and the people we work with are different. Unfortunately the last 3 weeks we have been battling to help our friends. Now one of them was supposed to be baptised the eve of Christmas Eve but his great aunt passed away so he has spent lots of time in Scotland. I haven't even met him yet! But we did find some new friends who are pretty classic. One night we street contacted a lad who said, "walk with me and tell me about this book." Well he invited us over for tea... we had some water. Needless to say he's pretty classic. He's very funny and has strange theories about life and all sorts.... he even believes the earth is flat! Anyways it was still good and he is reading the Book of Mormon. His brother also showed up the next time and he was very curious because we were so "normal".  He always thought the Jesus people would be different I guess. Then his girlfriend got home from holiday and we also get to teach her! All very fun! 

Now this is where stuff gets exciting. 

So yesterday there was a mission home fireside and we got to go with a new member named George! He's quite awesome, he's 18 and just super excited about church. So we made it down to Leeds. Only took 1 and a 1/2 hours. So worth it! It's on Facebook if yous want it. I'll attach a link!
So remember my FAVORITE family... yep Adam is getting baptised on Saturday!!! Unfortunately I'm not allowed to go :/ I get to Skype tho.  Technology is neat! 

Anyways look who I found at the fireside!

Adam and Mary Jane
Aw my heart melted! If any of you want to meet them I pretty sure they will be visiting Canada in the spring time! (Jealous) 

All you people of the Forest! Things have been crazy fun lately! I love my district so very much. We are going skating today!! Shred the gnar 🐧

I just want you all to know how much I love this gospel. I have such a profound testimony of the good it can do. I cannot emphasise how important daily family scriptures study is. It has changed me. The Book of Mormon is such a powerful book. I know that families can be sealed for time and all eternity in the temple. I am so grateful for the choices my family have made so we can be together forever.! 

Peace out guys ✌🏻

Took a nice walk back and saw a fish of some sort! Quite big easily over 20".  It was so pretty!

-Elder Cake Filling 

Sent from the land of lads

Random pics. So we went to a church where my ancestors are buried! Neat huh!