Monday, April 24, 2017

New Area, New Companion

This week I learned missions are actually fun. I LOVE my new comp.  He is
the funniest and we just have the best time haha.

Yes it was very hard to leave my Beverley family behind. I felt a bit
lost for the first few days here. I didn't know anyone and didn't know
where to go. The ward here is completely different. About the same
number of people, 60 ish active. But more young families which is so
new to me. The area is so different. You are either going up a hill or
going down hill, it is never flat here haha. No bikes in this area and I can
see why haha. If you look up Keighley on an elevation map you will
quickly find out they are steep. There are loads of Muslims around. I
think there are 3 mosques and a 4th being built or something crazy. The
over all average income here is much lower than Beverley. Loads of
chav estates hahaha. Makes missionary work interesting. Right now we
have a few investigators but looking to find some real solid ones.
Should be a interesting week.

My companion is from near Wollongong Australia! He turned 20 in Feb
and did 2 years Uni before coming out. He likes to work! Man we work
so hard and he's super diligent with all the people he's found and
names and interests. He knows so many names of people. He just got out
of training so still learning. We are both learning! Always learning
new things. I love being able to serve with a new outlook on the work.
We test out new ideas all the time.  Some are horrible but some are so

My favourite part of the day is personal study time. Over the past few
weeks I have had some thought about the priesthood and our duty to
serve and how it directly applies to our work. My studies are mostly from 2
separate talks. One talks about Aaronic priesthood and how it is the
preparatory priesthood. I look back to the times when I was preparing
for the Melchizedek priesthood. I see the times when I was truly
preparing and the times when I was coasting or even braking my
progress. The things that helped me prepare:
Dedicating time and diligently visiting my home teaching families. How similar 
this is to serving a mission!  Also serving those members of the
ward who need help. Being kind and offering that service always.
Even seeking service outside young men's service is best. Learning and
growing as I served the other young men. Being a leader helping them
exercise their priesthood. One of the things I wish I had was more of an
opportunity to exercise my priesthood and to actively pursue ways to
use it. After all, we do not have the priesthood to benefit ourselves but
to benefit others.

I love the organization of the church. I know God has called Thomas S.
Monson to be a prophet.  Have a great week!

Love Elder Pilling
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Bitter Sweet Moment and a Move

I am moving... to a place called Keighley (keithley). It is about
twice the size of Beverley. My new companion is Elder Bailey from
Australia I believe! He has been out 2 transfers which is exciting! My
new area is hilly which I am really exciting for! I'm not sure much
else but sounds like a good area. Don't send letters or anything to
Needham Close anymore.

This week I had a bitter sweet moment. Thursday our investigator
Weightlifter Steven called and said his doctors don't want him meeting
with us and having that new stress of a big life change while he is
switching medication. He was very nice and said I am a good man and
will be successful. He thanked us for the visits and friendship we had.
At that moment I realized I had love for him. A deep love as well.
Which was really cool to experience.  It's unfortunate he is not being taught
anymore but I am grateful for the time I was able to teach him.

We found a girl named Beth this week. She is a single mom with an 18
month old. So good. She is searching for direction, love and a good
support system as she is in the new stage in her life. Excited for
Elder Charman to teach her and help her experience the love that can
be there through the Saviour.

This week I have been studying a book called Leadership by some church
member who teaches how to be a leader by follow Jesus Christ. It's so
good. Talked a lot about how what we think can really change how we
act. I have also been studying about the preparatory priesthood and
the way it can prepare us for our journeys in life. How through the
simple principles of work and love that are learned, set us up for the
life ahead where we can thrive as worthy priesthood holders of God.
The things I was able to learn as a priest have set values for me as a
church member but also has helped me become who I am. I love this
gospel. I know Jesus is the Christ. God answers prayer people! All he
asks of you is to pray. Humble yourself and ask for help. 

Last night we slept over in Hull for transfer night so I haven't
packed at all yet 😵 should be a long night.

Yep, it's a real car
Brandon wearing his Park City vest
Love you all
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Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Hey everyone!

This week so warm, 20 degrees on Sunday! But supposed to be colder this coming week. 

I am doing good. Like really good. I love teaching weightlifter Steven. He came to all 3 hours of church. He is so willing to learn and read.  So dang good. It's exciting being able to ACTUALLY TEACH. He is so receptive. Last week till transfers!! So crazy!  Next week I will know if I stay or go! Crazy how fast time flies. 

This week I did loads of running. It's difficult fitting a longer distance run
into 30 min so we've had to run faster. Really cool views this week!!!
And of course some cool missionary work.

Early morning run with Elder Rex
Countryside views on our run

So we had exchanges this week which, as always, was a Party! Elder Rex
is from Orem and loves to run and hike. He's done all the big
mountains in Utah so quite fit so we went running. 4 miles into the countryside, so beautiful!  We enjoyed spending time together but didn't find too many people who were interested, although we did meet some interesting people.

I also had exchange with Elder Berndt who is from Seattle!!! We met a Romanian guy who is sooo cool. We set a date for baptism and he is really excited to be converted! His name is Emanuel. It was the biggest miracle. Elder Berndt was inspired that we do our finding on Washington street. This is where Emanuel lives! Man it's very hard to explain how cool it is to be able to follow the spirit!

I have been studying a talk... by Quinton L Cook, "Foundations of Faith". It has really brought deep thought and I will share a few parts that have left an impression on me. He shared the bible story Luke 8. Of when the women had a issue of blood and with her faith she knew she could be healed. As she touched his robes she was instantly healed. From this story I understand that we need to have such faith.

A quote from the talk: "Personal prayers and supplications to a loving Father in Heaven in the name of Jesus Christ can bring blessings into our lives beyond our ability to comprehend. The foundations of faith, the kind of faith that this woman demonstrated, should be the great desire of our hearts."

I love those simple things Elder Cook has challenged us to do. And the powerful promises that come. "Pondering the scriptures regularly--rather than reading them enhancement of our faith".

Over the past week I have read end of Alma and all of Helaman. The strength and faith of Samuel has uplifted me. Seeing how he put all his trust in the lord and to have been untouched by the wickedness just shows how powerful Heavenly Father really is. He will keep us safe if we follow Jesus Christ.

I love you all and all the support! I do love the emails from each of you. I am especially busy today.  I was hired to cook pancakes for the zone.   6 cups of flour later...I made dozens haha.

Love Elder Pilling
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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ever so Sweet


Things are sunny ☀️ warm and full of love! It was interesting watching general conference with the time zone change. So Saturday we watched the morning session at 5-7pm. Then Sunday we watched priesthood at 10-11:30 then Saturday afternoon 1-3pm then Sunday morning session 5-7pm. So I have yet to watch the afternoon Sunday session. We watched them as a broadcast at the stake centre. Hardly anyone Saturday. Even fewer Sunday. It was mostly missionaries haha. My mind is a blur full of all these quotes I like and the things I need to work on.  I will only share a few insights I received. More next week after I have some time to review. 

A few of my favourites. 

From Mark a Bragg 

In a darkening world the light of the church will be brighter and brighter until the final day. 

I love this one because I have seen a hastening in the work especially missionary work but also in the push to be better people! As a theme for this conference I have seen Jesus Christ but also an emphasis on love, charity, and kindness. It's a way to get us to be better people. 
Russell M. Nelson was sharing about the Saviour.

The Saviour warned us of the adversary's power and deception. Heavenly Father loved the world so he sent his son Jesus Christ. Whom gave his life for us....all so we could live with Heavenly Father again and have access to Godly power. This Godly power is what we need to overcome the trials and tests of our faith.

Today is 17C and sunny.  I'm loving it! 

We have got a new friend scheduled for baptism! His name is Steven. Because we teach 3 different Stevens now his nickname is.... Steven weightlifter Steven. Hahah it's fun! So I've known Steven for a few months now.  We see him on the streets quite a bit.  He originally met sisters here and they taught a little with him but his mom didn't want him to be baptized (he's 39)! But I followed a prompting to visit him on Friday and he let us in and we were able to share what baptism will do for him in his life.  We taught how through the atonement he will be able to quit smoking, be healthier and happier! He loved it and is so excited! His baptismal date is for May the 6th. It's his birthday on the 7th so I'd say it's a pretty sweet birthday gift! The gift of the Holy Ghost! More on him next week as we get to know him! 

I have such a strong testimony of the priesthood. Recently I have been able to come to the realization of the miracles I have had in my life through the power of the priesthood. I am grateful to be worthy to be a tool in the hands of God to serve his people! I must say the joy you get from inviting others to the gospel is ever so sweet. It can change lives! 

Love Elder Pilling 

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