Monday, February 27, 2017

Everything is Awesome

Hi People,

So this week we were busy I think.. uhhhh it rained a little bit. But let's see the important stuff that happened. We had an FHE lesson we played such a fun game with a new member. It's like 20 questions Book of Mormon style. One person reads a Book of Mormon character but doesn't tell anyone. Then you go around the room asking questions until you know who it is. It's surprisingly hard!

I have realized that there are so many cool people out there.  For example this week we met a guy named Pete. He had a Porsche in the driveway so obvi something in common haha. He let us in and we chatted for awhile. We met a guy named Steven whom was just so nice.  It was raining and we were wet so he let us in and talked a little. He was busy (had his grandson over) but he did hooks us Diet Coke and an apple! Stay healthy peeps ;)

The coolest countryside

Guy said he can do 80mph in 1st gear...... 
Nice guy let us in to get dry and gave
us a Diet Coke and an apple

Wednesday was a crazy day. We spent most of the day in Hull at a district meeting and then organizing stuff for a baptism on Saturday! We are working hard here, by talking with the other missionaries we have come to the conclusion that Beverley is a really different area. It's unlike anything else in the mission. The people are posh, busy, old, and don't want to be bothered. Which is like the worst combination. Buuuttttt it just means you have to think of new ways to find people. So after hours of brainstorming we have got some good ideas . Working more with members and working with the people we have found..

I have been studying a few talks about the difference between a testimony and being converted. Full Conversion by Richard G. Scott
Converted unto the Lord David A. Bednar

As I have read and re-read these talks, the difference I have noticed is whether or not you act on your testimony. For many of us, finding a testimony that we feel is strong and unshakable seems hard enough. But the thing is you don't need to have a super stellar, massive testimony to be converted. For me I do not have a great knowledge of the gospel or the scriptures. But what I do know is God loves me, he answers my prayers. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. By acting upon what I know, I feel the blessings of being converted.  I show my conversion by living the gospel of Jesus Christ to the best of my abilities.

Love you all people.

2 weeks until transfers so don't send letters to my house....

Love Elder Pilling

Sent from the land of lads

Monday, February 20, 2017

February is flying

Hey hi hello :)

Man, February is fllllying by, seems like yesterday I picked Elder
Charman up from the train station.... this week has been crazy. I'll
start from the beginning. Monday and Tuesday we were on exchange with
the Hull elders. One is from Orem Utah one is from Provo haha. I was
able to go finding with Elder Shiew in Hornsea, my favourite little
seaside town 🌊. I feel like I learned so much in so little time. I learned how to be persistent and loving. We turned an atheist (or so he said) into a believer!  I normally would have just given up when Dave said I don't believe and am not interested in religion, but Elder Shiew and I kept pushing and asking questions. He really does want to find out if God is there. We testified that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and can bring so much peace to him in this life. Super fun to change things up! We all got a bunch of kebabs for tea... google Turkish kebabs I think. Anyways here's a pic.

Wednesday we had interviews and a training session by the zone leaders.  We also watched a mission president broadcast. It was such a long day! Spiritually exhausted at the end. We talked a lot about how to be authentic when you are finding and teaching. Practiced how to express love to the people we find. President Turvey shared with us how we need to be finding the people who are carrying a burden like thousands of people are and help them have their burdens lifted by the Saviour and atonement. Matthew 11:28-30. Jesus Christ suffered and died for US so we can be forgiven and so we can be better. Through Christ our life's burdens can be lifted. We are not alone in this challenging life. And as it says in the hymn 140 did you think to pray "prayer will turn the night to day".

I testify God answers prayers. He loves you as much as he loves me. I have seen God's love pour out upon those who pray for guidance.  

We met a guy from Slovakia!! Haha long story. When he was fleeing his country way back when threats of war, he caught the last train out and traveled with a bunch of missionaries! Then he also lived in Utah for 5 years! So he knew quite a bit.

His wife is from California. We had some good chats and he loved talking about snow. Such a nice couple but unfortunately they said they were going to stay with their Catholic faith. Still super cool tho.

We still have the same two investigators, Elesha the Jamaican and Roger the fisherman. We should be seeing Roger more this week and will try to bond a bit more. I am going to ask if he will take us fishing... should be exciting. 

Since we only have 30 min for lunch now, I make peanut butter and banana sandwiches...feels like I'm doing a 24hr race haha. There are so many road cyclist here!! When the sun shines, they all come out. Mostly out of shape guys, but still dozens.

Love the pictures. Send me more pictures of fishing and mountains... members love those.  Thank you for all the support and love. 

Elder Pilling
Sent from the land of lads

Penny farthing bike rack? 

I have loads of super stellar pics on the camera lol 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Yikes it's cold!

This week flew by! Unfortunately we were unable to teach any of our
investigators so let's start with pday last week.  We played American football 
and ultimate Frisbee which was so fun. The field we played on was so muddy
because it's England and nothing dries here hhaha During the week we
spent some time in Hornsea which is a small town on the sea side! We
also visited Driffield a town 10 miles north of Beverley. We froze
this week all bundled up, but we managed. Because it's so cold
people will not stand and chat at the door or on the street so we got
lots of "not interested" or "I'm busy". I am quite used to the older
people in Beverley who say they are "set in their ways" but Elder
Charman is not and I guess we both worked harder because of it.

In Driffield on Friday it was full on snowing just like a Canadian
snow storm. I was loving it... but the snow didn't stick and just
melted but they were super big pretty snow flakes. Unfortunately the
iPad camera doesn't pick up the snow :/

We visited a few of the members whom I have talked about before.

Meet sister Mary Boswell.  She's in her mid 80's SHE IS MY FAVORITE!  She always feeds us and is sooo funny. This week we did service for her. We show up and we are like where should we start. She said oh noo we must eat. So we ate beef pie and homemade ginger bread and custard. Man so good. She knows so many scriptures, like unbelievable.
Sis. Boswell

I have been assigned by the zone leaders to make cookies for interviews this week. They love the peanut butter cookies so much so I'll be baking cookies tonight and tomorrow all night. 

I have been studying a talk Josh gave me called "The challenge to become by Dallin H. Oaks October 2000. So so so so so good. 

I can handle a video if you send one.... that's the part I didn't understand before my mission.  The joy you get from sharing the gospel is something I have never experienced.  Far more joy than landing the 30" bull or hitting the 727 downhill.  It's something I don't think anyone can explain.  You must experience.

That's it for now.  Thanks for all your love and support!
Elder Pilling 

Sent from the land of lads

Monday, February 6, 2017

New companion, new schedule


Well, my new comp is Elder Charman from Kent... Rochester England.
His last companion was Elder Thompson..... he is from my stake back
home!! Things are different with the new comp. Some of it is because
of the new schedule, some because people can be way different.

So I'll do my best to summarize my new comp and stuff. His behaviour
profile is high C... it's good stuff.  We work so hard and have every
minute of the day planned... literally. It's a complete change for me.
This week I learned that each missionary has their own strengths...
some are good teachers some are good at finding. I am learning so much
so fast from my new comp. It'll be a good transfer that's for sure!
He's short and his parents are converts and he likes science. Wants to
be an aerospace engineer.

The new schedule has given us 30 extra minutes in the morning to get
ready and it has given us 30 extra in the evening of free time. They
moved nightly planning to the morning and made it so you can do
companion study whenever you feel you can best use it. So we are
getting used to the schedule. Also pday starts at 8 am instead of 10am
so 2 extra hours.... so nice. But one of the unfortunate things is
only 30 minutes for lunch sooo I'm not sure how well I'll do. 

This week I had English Fish and Chips!!! It was way good. I also rode
a nice bike..... it was a Giant electric bike. it was a Trance with
that electric stuff. Sooo dang fast. I barely pedalled and zoom so
sweet. I see why everyone likes them. The technology is unbelievable.

The real stuff this week. We worked and worked and worked. Elder
Charman relies on me because he doesn't know the area at all. We met
with Elesha which was very interesting. The spirit was there; hoping
she will progress. I am getting really comfortable in all missionary

People, prayer is the best! When you pick up a new companion and you've
never met him before, things get lonely really fast. But prayer...Heavenly Father is there.
He always will be and is excited to listen and help. I testify that
Heavenly Father answers prayers. I know he loves me and he loves you.

Have a stellar week everyone!  I pray for you :)))

Elder Pilling
Sent from the Land of Lads