Monday, June 19, 2017

Here a little, there a little


It's pretty warm here. I didn't even know England got this warm. It has been nice and sunny the last 4ish days I think. Everyone here goes crazy when it's hot like this. They sit out, drink alcohol and sometimes barbecue.... it's not bad though.  People are really friendly and happy (occasionally you get an old grouch). 

Last week I was sick and it wasn't great. I then gave my cold to my companion so we are both coughing and sneezing all day. He's much worse than me though. For the most part we have just worked through the sickness. 

We met some genuinely nice people, you know those people who are happy and look for the good in the world. I don't want people to think English people are all sad but you don't meet too many really nice people. Like genuine caring people. The work is a challenge. We have a few Slovak investigators and I don't speak any Slovak but I am already developing a love for them.  Then there's our little bit of a challenging friend, Jackie. The atonement is what we teach to them all. It is something I am growing to love the more I learn. 

Funny picture of the week

Our Slovak family

A members dogs. It's the weirdest breed ever. German Shepard mix thing. It's so short and long with a massive head. 

I have been really enjoying seeing the good that people do. I read a little snippet on called How I learned what it means to lift where I stand. 
It talks about how the small and simple things we do every day add up and build us into the followers of Jesus Christ that we are all striving for. 

We gain a testimony line upon line precept upon precept. Here a little there a little. And the hardest part is if you don't use it or continue to grow it you're gunna lose it really fast. You cannot sit idle in life. The kingdom isn't building itself. There is always something more you can do. Heavenly Father always challenges us so we can continue to build up or testimonies. I have been that idle person, going through the motions and not really trying to do better. I call it coasting. You may be the person who sits idle and really thinks of ways to improve your efforts, but the hardest part is changing those thoughts into action. What is motivating you do do better in this life? It may be your family it may be the knowledge you have of the plan God has for us. Whatever it may be, use it to push you to really use all your potential to grow your testimony. Maybe even find your testimony. 

I love this work, especially when it's sunny and hot out ☀️  

Hope you all have a fab week. 

Love E. Pilling 
Sent from the land of the lads

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